Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I've Got Those Low Down, Mind Messing, Gotta Write Another Chapter For NaNoWriMo Blues

So it’s November. More importantly, it is National Novel Writing Month, and I’ve been gearing up all year. Okay, so really I’ve just had a note in my planner all year and began gearing up last Sunday. By which I mean, I made a long, gangly, over-enthusiastic teenager of a list of goals…no, more like strong suggestions which, as usual, will probably totally overwhelm me and I’ll end up just writing a little more than I have been writing, which is nada… for NaNoWriMo. After finishing the goals page, I promptly wrote a new blog post which I hadn’t done for weeks, nearly months, and felt really, really proud of myself.

Then it was Halloween, and well, who writes on Halloween, right? (If you do? Well, just shush, already.) Plus, Halloween had the ghouls and goblins out in full force, at least the ones that haunt my office and computer systems. (I actually only had 9 total trick-or-treaters.) To make a long, story short my computer was haunted as that day ended with the I.T. crew, who is supposed to swoop down in Superhero costumes and shoot their magic powers all over my computer/internet so it magically works again thus saving the day, instead saying to me (quite seriously, I must say) to call them if my internet begins working again. Um….Mr. Techno…aren’t you supposed to be in charge of internet workings?

Then, weirdly, the next morning it really was all magically working again, so maybe it was just delayed super hero action or something. There really seems to be a ghost in my machine!

Well, anyway, I said all that just to say that it is now November second and I haven’t written a single word. The goal of NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words in 30 days which is 1666.6666666+ words per day. I am now twice that amount in behind-ness, except for this blog which is, at this point, 292 words, so subtract that, Jack! Yes I will. ( I realize that the 50,000 words are supposed to be one consecutive novel. One NEW consecutive novel. I was already fudging that rules by saying to myself, “Self, you can write the NEW second half to your OLD, already existing novel, and that will count.” Now I can hear Self saying, snidely, “Well, you could count it if you had actually written anything yesterday, or today, but…” And I hear myself telling my Self to just put a sock in it already.)

Last year, I decided, with an accompanying little foot-stomping snit, that NaNoWriMo meant Nah, No Write More… and it was basically pretty true although I did write a few little dribbling chapters, and tried to feel good about that.

This year I can already see that my rules need revising what with the granddaughter’s out of town birthday that will take up my weekend, and Thanksgiving week, and, well… I probably won’t write 50,000 words. And it won’t be in a new novel, but will hopefully be good progress on my existing WIP. And “Self” will be relegated to a timeout chair in the corner. Behind a curtain. Where I can’t see her judge-y, rule-fixated little scrunched up face, but will only occasionally acknowledge a huffy little humph or frustrated sigh.

And I will feel good about writing more than I did last month. And writing it well. And throwing in a few good blog posts along the way, because, as Thomas Mann says, “A writer is somebody for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” That is certainly true for me!

I think I hear “Self” over their muttering to herself in the corner that maybe I really am a writer after all.

Hmmm….I think I might feel a novel chapter coming on. Or maybe that’s just indigestion. I guess we’ll see…

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