Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can one post too many times about a snake? Apparently not...

What I Learned About Protecting My Family Against Evil From a Snake

I was working in my writing studio recently. It’s a room in which I have created a sacred space. All the things I love most are in this room. Photos, music, books, art, writing. It’s a place where I invite the Holy Spirit to join me as I pray, study scripture, read, write and visit those close to me.

No one has ever been in this room that I haven’t invited, and that I don’t love and trust completely. It’s a sanctuary and I guard it well.

Or at least I thought I did.

It’s on the second floor of our log cabin house situated at the mouth of a beautiful canyon. It has a large sliding glass door which I often open to hear the rustling of aspens and the songs of birds. Every once in a while, hummingbirds or dragonflies (personal signs for me of the Spirit’s presence) have flown in, stayed a few seconds and then left.

This particular day, I had the door wide open on a beautiful Memorial Day. The screen was broken, and had yet to be replaced, but I thought it was safe. I was enjoying the breeze, the calm spirit and a great book when next to me was a sudden loud crash. I jumped up from the love seat, and looked around but could see nothing. Then I saw one 3’ angel statute tilted and lying on another 4’ angel statue, also leaning awkwardly into a corner. That was strange.

I felt the pump of adrenaline almost as soon as I saw the 4’ snake lolling across the mess of angels it had knocked over. I yelled for my husband and son for help. They came, assessing the situation and determined the snake to be a harmless garden variety. I said I wanted it out. My son said he voted his dad to take care of it. His dad said it would probably crawl out on its own, and in a few minutes, that's exactly what it did while my family stood watch.

That wasn’t good enough for me. I went to the balcony below, to where it slithered after leaving the upper deck. It was winding its way all around the door frame, poking its head at the window over and over again every few inches trying to find a way in. At the same time that I was keeping a keen eye on the snake, a mother robin, with eggs nesting close, was also watching. Every few seconds she would fly at the snake, trying to peck it to protect her young. I admired her bravery and it seems she shared it with me as I went to do battle with the snake.
I kept the door shut until the snake had passed it, then took a broom and flung him back out into the yard from whence he’d come.

I learned a few things from that experience.
  1. Even when I’m careful, evil can enter. I have to be on constant guard.
  2. If I neglect a single one of the many precautions against uninvited danger (like a screen), evil can enter.
  3. The priesthood is the perfect power to call upon when evil threatens and you want it gone.
  4. My will and the priesthood holder’s will are not always the same, but theirs can be trusted.
  5. Sometimes the priesthood will delegate to me so that I can learn courage and strength.
  6. Once admitted, evil will find every way it can to re-enter. I must be vigilant.
  7. We mothers need to stick together in order to keep evil out of our homes.
  8. Evil should be kept as far away as possible.

It's a lesson I want to learn well so it need never be repeated.

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