Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What if you had your nose pierced and...?

Lloyd and I, like many other best friends (and a few married couples), have some kind of strange conversations on a fairly regular basis.

Take last night. We were watching People's Court and there were a couple of women with their jet black hair dyed bright-cherry-popsicle-red, but only at the bangs and at the bottom  for a couple of inches. They had multiple tattoos, some that showed and some, they said, that didn't. The court case was about an incorrectly drawn tattoo.

Incredibly, we talked about none of that.

We did, however, talk about piercings. We noticed these same women had piercings and we started wondering out loud why people would do that. No offense to those who are piercing-lovers, but those of us ear-lobe-only girls (and their husbands) find the rest of them hard to understand. I mean, there are times when piercings hurt! Like for example, when you get pierced to begin with. Even my own ear lobes throbbed for days! Or when a baby hooks a tightly clasped hooped earring and rips it out. My ear lobes hurt just thinking about it! We cringed when talking about people piercing delicate parts that would definitely be painful, and frankly would probably scratch other delicate parts...and ouch!! Birth control maybe?

I told Lloyd how many women have told me they have them because they are sexy. I really don't see it. I don't mean actually “see”. I haven't SEEN, nor do I want to “see” those kind of "jewelry sites". Not even via Internet, No I do not! I mean I don't really understand how metal through soft tissues equates to erotica.

Also, lip piercings. And kissing. It seems that that would hurt. A lot. In our day, we reminisced, boys and girls dreaded to kiss a person with braces, because of the pain...and also the embarrassment if you both had braces and they got...um...entangled. It could scar a person for life! Same seems true for lip piercings as far as we can decide.

And Lloyd especially did not like nose piercing. First off, EW! The inside part is always in contact with...let's say “mucus”. The outside part always looks like a blemish to those of us without the precise eyesight of our youth. At least until we get up close. Also, I told Lloyd, I have once or twice tried to brush what I thought was glitter off a persons nose until...well...AWKWARD!

Then Lloyd said the thing that made me laugh till I cried. “If my nose was pierced, I'd probably wake up with my nostril hooked to the bedsheets.” Which he followed up by his talking in a nostril-hooked-to-bedsheets accent until I couldn't laugh any harder. I'll just say he's good with accents!

It's hilarious to be us!

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  1. I have done the whole try to brush it away or saying you have something on your nose. I think it is a sign of old age.