Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Silly Birds

This evening I am sitting in my studio watching a half dozen or so hummingbirds drinking, or trying to drink, from two feeders with 10 “flowers”. Sometimes they come singly, sometimes as groups. There are two lighter colored birds that will not tolerate the presence of each other or any-bird else. Some perch on the tiny rail of the feeder and drink to their heart's content. Others are skeptical and use the dip-and-flee method, getting only a drop or two at a time, and probably exhausting that fuel in the next attempt, never filled.

Some hummingbirds are totally willing to share, while others guard the source against any other bird. Once in a while I see a bird hovering nearby, trying to sneak in when a competitor is distracted for a few drops, only to be quickly chased away. Sometimes they hover at the window itself, looking in, as if to question from whence cometh the source?

They are unaware that I, their supplier, have an unlimited supply of nectar just on the other side of the window where they flutter their tiny wings, and I don't know how to teach them that there is enough for all. It requires a kind of faith on their part, since they are a species that is survival-motivated for the most part.

Also, there is a good-sized spider, web-building underneath the feeder, oblivious to it all. Or maybe not. The web is large, and deceptively beautiful, and I wonder if hummingbirds can be caught in them. It reminds me of Satan, waiting there to trap them. Once caught he would deny their desire to partake as they struggled against his web...their source of sustenance so close they can see it but would be unable to yet partake. They would need rescuing.

The birds remind me of us...we humans...who are constantly seeking to quench our own thirsts whether it's literally a drink of water, or the Source of Living Water. Some of us drink freely and often, knowing the supply is abundant. Others of us fight for our every drop. Some of us deprive others from our source thinking some day it might dry up and then what? Those, too, are survival-motivated.

Wars have been fought, lives sacrificed over who owns the supply and who is allowed to partake of what...and when. Farmers bicker over irrigation amounts and children will not share their cup. Some share with only their friends, and some share with everyone to the neglect of themselves.

When will we learn there is nectar enough for all? The supply is abundant and everlasting; the Supplier, a God who loves us and delights to bless us. (And one who can protect us from spiders!)

Water...nectar...love. We need...and He fills that need. As much and as often as we ask.

Silly birds. Love is for all!

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