Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Writing Letters is not a lost art...for me! Here's a sample!

Dear _______________,

Wow! Where did April go? And for that matter, why is it still as cold as winter? It was getting hot in the afternoons, so Lloyd gave in and opened up the swamp cooler (no small task for an old guy with a gimpy right leg) and since then it’s been frigid! Welcome to Millard County, I guess. Plus we’ve had horrific winds every other day that have toppled trees, sent trampolines into neighbor’s yards, and blown part of the Oak City Fire Station siding off.

I need some quiet weather, and quiet afternoons. It won’t happen today though. It’s supposed to freeze tonight (there go the lilacs…again) and we both have to go get haircuts after work. Since Lloyd doesn’t get home until 6:30 or 7:00 and I go to bed at 8:30 or 9:00 (when did we get to be such fuddy-duddies?), it’s a small window of time spent relaxing at home. It's more specifically time that Elway spends mostly making us get up and down off the bed to answer his every need since he’s BEEN HOME RESTING all day! Something about this doesn’t feel quite right!

Last weekend, I was so worn out from the three prior weekends, that I (who rarely naps) napped THREE TIMES!! And then watched a movie, which kind of counts as a fourth nap since it was one Lloyd picked out and we SO don’t have the same taste in movies. Lloyd, although he won’t admit it, seems to have more energy since the advent of the CPAP, which he abhors. I love it, because he doesn’t snore. Also because it’s saving damage to all his vital organs so I won’t have to take care of an ornery old bed-ridden geezer in years to come. Since he started it right when spring allergies hit, it’s hard to tell if he feels better because he feels crappy. And it’s also hard to tell, because he’s convinced he will always feel crappy…it’s his destiny. But take it from me, he is up and around more. And he’s WAY less grouchy.

Right now he’s studying the new C++ computer something-or-other. He’s read way more on his Kindle than I thought he would. Don’t panic. He still watches tons of Netflix on it too! It’s not time for the straightjacket just yet!

This weekend I’m keeping two promises to three grandchildren. I’m attending a soccer game and having a sleepover. Even though it means yet another weekend of travel, it should be fun, AND it’s also supposed to be great weather. BONUS! The next weekend we have no plans…yet. And the following is Fathers and Sons if all goes as planned (which as you know, for us, is rarely true.)

I am attaching [the talk I posted below this post] (plus I taught Relief Society with a portion of it as well). I love the atonement and all that it promises for all of us who struggle with our various challenges and weaknesses. It gives me hope. I hope (see? There it is! LOL) it gives you hope too!

Hope all is well and I’m so proud of all you are doing to grow spiritually and to heal. You are in my prayers, and I love you.


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