Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Livin' the Dream!

I know I know, you’re already livin’ the dream. Nine-to-five in business casual, or blue collars and grease- or oil- stained hands, or any of the thousands of dreams one can live in the work-driven world in which we live. I know we’re livin’ the dream. You’ve read a lot about our success in that area in previous blog posts.

Here is a guide to livin’ the dream IF you want to be like us, (having just purchased a new-to-us car):

First, run a couple of errands in your new car.

Second, stop for a bite to eat and bring the new car's manual inside with you.

Third, eat a double cheeseburger and chips while you read your new car manual.

Fourth, when you're done eating, go get in someone else's new white car with your wife, and marvel at how it really does have power seats when you didn't think it did. And then freak out because WHERE DID THE NEW CAR STICKER GO? We’re sure it was in the back window! At that point, we hope, like us, that you figure out it’s NOT your car even though you’ve made yourself comfy there for 10 minutes! 

Fifth, Find your own car, get inside and sneak hastily out of the parking lot, hoping no one sees you attempting grand theft auto.

Sixth, on your way to get a haircut, look in the glove box for your owner's manual because it's starting to rain and the windshield wipers don't work. That won't help, because you can't see it in the glove box, so Seventh, you race back to Rancher Cafe and ask all the waitresses if they saw it on your table, which they didn't.

Eighth, ask all the waitresses to help you find they guy whose car you sat in for a few minutes because maybe you left it in HIS glove compartment (so much for hastily sneaking). You didn't. He'll say, "you're welcome to look but it's probably locked". And you'll say, “It's not. I know ‘cuz I've already been sitting in it for a bit."

Ninth, no one finds it even though everyone is laughing because you are so dang entertaining in your confusion. Plus you look Einstein-crazy with that hair of yours, and that wild confusion in your eyes.

Tenth, come back to your wife while she is hiring an employee and you are frustrated out of your mind, with your still-needs-to-be-cut, Dr. Emmett Brown-windblown-hair. Ask her, "where did the dang car manual go? And oh, by the way, the Mickey-Mouse-piece-of-you- know-what window wipers don’t work?"

Eleventh, realize that, as your wife pointed out earlier, the glove compartment goes back farther into the car than you realize. (And you said, “I know!”)

Twelfth, get back in the car, find your car manual, go get your crazy wild hair cut and buy a dang fuse already…for the windshield wipers. Now that it’s not raining.

Living the dream, man, livin the dream!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What will you be able to say about me today?

From being diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2014 to sepsis and pneumonia last fall to pulmonary embolisms as recent as two months ago, plus a family member’s addiction throughout, this year+plus has continued to surprise me. I noticed, that uncharacteristically for me, I have been uber-focused on all I can’t do now. All I don’t have. Energy for one. Clarity of mind for two. Enough breath some days for three. Any confidence in my talents, for four. (I’m a list-maker, so I could go on and on.)

But how would that help this present moment in which I find myself? 

So I began to scroll through some inspirational FB sites and came upon one that changed me somehow. Here’s the email I just sent my writing partner:

Hi C,

It appears that it's taken me longer to come back to myself after this round of illnesses. Some of it is a lot of blah blah blah that ends with not enough oxygen to my brain, which is now being remedied to some extent. I've spent this last month seeking things that inspire me, wanting to write but not knowing where to begin, and letting that lack of knowing scare me from putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. 

Today I was scrolling through some inspirational FB sites and found this image. It spoke to me, I felt filled with creativity and surprisingly, no fear. What you will be able to say about me today? This...