Thursday, January 11, 2018

Second Verse Same As The First...But Different Kind Of...

Perhaps you remember this blog post:

If so, we hear your "tsk tsk tsk"s, and raise you a few miracles.

Yup, on the way to bring home a load of coal, we broke down. By we, I mean Lloyd, as this time I wasn't able to go with him, but if you know Lloyd, you know why I say "we"!

We didn't get all the way to Scipio this time, in fact quite a stretch from Scipio, where there is NO cell phone range for this kind of thing. And if you're thinking we didn't address the tire rim issue from last time, you'd be wrong. In another long and frustrating experience, we had brand spanking new rims. One of them was firmly attached to the wheel that went flying off the trailer in the middle of nowhere!  Apparently, it didn't want to help carry the load home.

Yet, we feel blessed. Yes we do! Not because the trailer is a wreck, and was uninsured. Not because it was an ordeal to figure out. And not because we probably have to buy a new trailer that wasn't in the budget.

But the trailer held it's ground, or asphalt, if you want to get technical. It didn't flip my Ford Explorer into a roll, which could easily have happened, and best of all, every cell, hair and breath of my Beloved Lloyd is unharmed! And no one else was hurt.

I'm also feeling blessed for these reasons:

1. Within 5 minutes of the wheel's short-lived bolt (pun intended) from the trailer, a car stopped to transport Lloyd to a Scipio business with cell phone coverage.

2. There are several towing companies within 10 minutes of Scipio. One of them was unavailable, but referred us to their competition who was available immediately. (Good, good people!)

3. Good friends offered to take Lloyd back to the car/trailer where Lloyd's beloved dog (my nemesis) calmly-ish awaited Lloyd's and the tow-truck's arrival.

4. The husband, dog, car, trailer and all the coal was transported to Oak City safely and in a very timely manner.

5. Weather cooperated.

6. Good friends, and a good son, gave sensible advice, and family assistance.

7. Several friends were willing to abandon an important work commitments to help us.

8. The car is unharmed.

9. The house will be warm.

10. We were given divine help every step of the way, including the therapy session at the beauty salon during the tangling and untangling of issues.

11. We are intelligent enough, and spiritually evolved enough, to know that we are held in the hands of Almighty God! And we are humbled and grateful at His Grace.


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